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If you looking for a game with an incest theme, then Taffy Tales is game for you. Software cross between a visual novel and an RPG. Story of app about a guy with a split personality and people he comes across. Product that is, for most part, about incest. I mean, soft about a guy who has a dark side, all people in town have their own dark side. It’s pretty hardcore application with some pretty hardcore incest going on.

You can have lots different things happen in app, there many different things doing. Taffy Tales download is hardcore adult program with some pretty on nose incest going on! Story of soft kind all over place, I am not sure what think about it in all honesty. Main character what you would call “a regular guy” well regular in sense that he has a dark side thanks split personality! Add to this town he lives in is full of people who have their own dark sides, you come across some rather interesting characters.


Graphics at pretty decent level. There is nothing too fancy here, but graphics of a high quality, characters are drawn pretty well. Graphics are pretty decent in download Taffy Tales. I mean, they not best but they are not worst either. I think that they kind of graphics you would expect in this kind game. Graphics not bad, they not good, they just kind of like middle of road graphics. Graphics at Taffy Tales game top-notch in this game, you have a lot of variety for what you looking at. What I liked about graphics that soft is not afraid show you every detail. It’s not overly censored and I like this style. What I mean that you see some things that many apps would not show you and it’s not just porn. You see some things that bit closer line what is considered porn. It’s not that app overly sexualized, but it’s not afraid show you what you looking at.


Gameplay is little different than your norm visual novel in that there are RPGs elements. Get to explore town, interact with characters and complete quests. Product has mini-games that user can play as well. There is many of gameplay in Taffy Tales PC as user can see by how many various storylines there are. You have a lot of different choices and a lot of different characters interact with. You can have some pretty graphic interactions with characters, there some pretty graphic choices that user can make in app. Gameplay is really interesting, I love idea game, user have a lot of various choices, not just about sex. You have many choices make when dealing with characters, while there are main plot points follow,user have side quests doing as well so soft has many keep user busy. There mini-games like puzzles that user can do which do help keep things fresh.


There is multiplayer aspect Taffy Tales free download but not done in the traditional sense. User have a lot of characters interact with and user can choose make them your lover. Product is not about going on a sex game and then beating soft. More about exploring different options and trying figure out what user want do with characters.


As I write this, there are seven various story lines for person explore, each one containing a different set of characters interact with. There are side quests for person to fulfill and mini-games play. Product is content-heavy and supported by Patreon. Developer does interact with community, so if person have any questions or concerns, person can get them addressed pretty easily. There many of different things that person can do in Taffy Tales APK so it’s quite replayable. There many storylines for person follow and many things do in game. I would say that it’s quite replayable. Product has a lot of replayability because it’s updated often. Developer supports soft via Patreon and always adding more content. Even if you have played Taffy Tales Android before it’s worth checking it out again as chances something new has been added.


  • How do I update the game?
    Person can update it by going to the settings in the game and clicking "update".
  • What’s age rating for this game?
    Age rating is 18+
  • What platforms is Taffy Tales download free available on?
    Product is for computer.


Overall, Taffy Tales free is game with a lot going on, mix of visual novel and an RPG. Overall, it heavily features incest, so if that is not your thing, then it’s not for person. However, if person looking for a game with content and a variety of different things to do, then this is that person should try. Developer is very active in community and soft is supported via Patreon.

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